7 Ways I Improved My Mental Health

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Mental health is something a lot of us struggle with and don't focus on improving. If something's not feeling right, we usually put it to the back of our minds and hope it goes away. Neglecting your mental health can worsen it and lead to long term issues such as anxiety and depression. I've started focusing on my mental health a lot more recently and decided to make changes in my life to improve my mental health.

1. I deleted social media apps

As simple as this sounds, my mental health got so much better when I got rid of social media apps of my phone. Instagram especially was the cause for a lot of my unhappiness. I was sick of scrolling through highly edited images of perfect people, perfect bodies and what seemed like perfect lives. Instagram is fake and it can become an addiction where you reach for your phone and aimlessly scroll through social media without even realizing it. Before you know it, you've wasted hours on Facebook or Twitter, and you feel worse from absorbing other peoples thoughts and feelings. Deleting social media apps cleared my head and thoughts so much.

2. I stopped watching Netflix as much

I realized watching TV and Netflix made me feel so uninspired and it was filling a gap in my life that I should've been filling with more productive and creative things. I realized I needed to make much better use of my time and wasting time binge-watching TV shows was making me feel lethargic and uninterested in my own hobbies. I was procrastinating too much so I decided to spend my time focusing on side projects that will better my opportunities and make me happier.

3. I started a new outdoor fitness training camp

This was something completely new to me but I'd gotten into a rut with going to the gym. I became bored with the gym, I felt guilty when I didn't go because I'm paying a monthly membership and I became unhappy with my body because I wasn't working out but still felt pressured to go to the gym and do the same old boring workout routine. I decided to sign up for something out of the ordinary and try exercising outdoors with other people and it's so much more fun and inspiring. Outdoor workouts are a lot more social and I actually feel motivated to exercise and have fun while doing it.

4. I stopped making an effort with people who don't make it with me

I go out of my way a lot to please others and make people happy but I realized I was making myself too available and people were taking advantage of that. Instead of contacting that person who rarely contacted me, I waited to let them get back in touch instead. I've stopped jumping through hoops for people and realized that not everyone is worth your time.

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5. I stopped pressuring myself to follow a career path

I didn't choose the normal university then job career path and I kept trying to convince myself that I had to go to university to get a successful job and make it anywhere but I've realized that route just isn't for me and instead starting focusing my energy on looking at other opportunities that I can grow my career with, and I feel so much happier having made that decision.

6. I went on holiday by myself

I've always wanted to do some solo traveling and I finally bit the bullet and booked a holiday by myself. I went away for five days and had the most relaxing time and proved to myself that I could travel alone. Navigating a new country by yourself and being completely independent while traveling is something to be proud and I'm so glad I finally did it. I'll definitely do some solo traveling again now that I've seen how fun it can be.

7. I started being more aware and mindful

I started to actively acknowledge how I'm feeling and act accordingly to that. If I was feeling unhappy or depressed I'd find the route of the problem and make a solution to fix how I'm feeling to be happier. Instead of hoping something goes away or ignoring a gut feeling that something isn't right, I address the issue and make a plan on how to feel better and fix what's wrong. I'm focusing more on personal development and growth.

Your happiness is so important and putting your mental health first is a must. Try to be more present, acknowledge your feelings, and openly talk about your mental health and wellbeing.


  1. I've honestly been thinking about just deleting my social media apps as well. My only problem is I try and use my Instagram to promote my blog. Got any advice for navigating this?

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. It depends how much traffic you really get on Instagram for your blog? I don't use IG at all for my blog and I just thought what's more important, my mental health or a few views on a blog post? Definitely look into other ways of promoting your blog. Emily x

  2. Me too I stopped pressuring myself to follow a career path. It used to stress me a lot because I didn't find anything interesting. Now I'm happy with blogging.

  3. I love travelling by myself, it is one of the best things i've started doing just for me. Now to work on the career pressure...

    Tessa | Living with Tessa

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