10 Things I Did To Improve My Self Esteem

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As soon as 2019 came around, I vowed to make it my year and I know, everyone says “new year new me” but I didn’t want a “new” me. I wanted a better and improved version of myself. I was determined to stop feeling sorry for myself and complaining about everything, so these are some of the things I decided to improve.

1. I quit my job because it was draining me

Ok, now this may sound dramatic but it was a HUGE first step in rebuilding my self-esteem. My job was emotionally and physically draining. I went to work every day already wishing to leave and by the time I got home, my energy was gone which made me just want to lay in bed. I’m not telling you to go to work tomorrow and hand in your two weeks notice, but if you're truly unhappy in your job maybe it’s time to reevaluate your future there.

2. I hit the gym, hard

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the gym. There have been times I would go consistently and then randomly stop. And there have been times I just had no motivation to go. For the last few months, I have made it a point to go 3-4 times a week AT LEAST. I found someone who knows more than me and who I’m comfortable with to become my gym buddy and not let me slack off. Results take time and it’s hard for me to remember that some days, but I’m getting there.

3. I got more sleep and got the rest I needed

I decided on my journey to feeling better about myself, that not everything needed to be active. I allowed myself to have those days where I came home and just laid in bed. I watched Netflix and ate crappy food because I can. Working on yourself can be stressful and overwhelming sometimes, so remember to take some downtime when you think you need it. It doesn’t mean you’re giving up, you're just letting your body rest.

4. I became mindful of what I was eating

This one may be one you’ve heard before. And yes I just told you sometimes I eat crappy food but life is about balance. I started taking the time to pack my lunch for work. Not meal prep (because that's just too much work for me), but made my lunch. I ate more balanced meals for dinner and made extra for the next day. I fell in love with apples and protein bars which stopped me from buying chips from the vending machine in my office. Eat food you like. You don’t need to stop eating carbs or sugar to feel better. Just make sure you’re eating balanced meals.

5. I planned a vacation even though I'm broke

I’m broke AF. Like, trying to make $50 last two weeks broke. Thankfully I have a wonderful boyfriend who is allowing me to pay him back slowly for our upcoming trip. I don’t care how you have to come up with the money (as long as it’s legal) but go and make it, save it, and go somewhere fun. Even if it is a weekend trip, it will give you something to look forward to and fuel some of the other tips on here. Everyone needs a break and you deserve one.

6. I cleaned out my closet, literally

I am a hoarder when it comes to my clothes. I had clothes in my drawers and closet that I hadn’t worn in 3 years. I was stuck on the fact that “oh yeah, I’ll totally wear this again someday” or “Ugh I can’t throw this stained Beatles shirt away that was the night I fell down the hill while we ran in the woods because the cops crashed the party”. These are stupid reasons to keep clothes. Getting rid of clothing doesn’t mean you are throwing away the memory. So, suck it up, grab a few trash bags, separate the non-wearable from the I can donate this and make space for new things.

7. I made looking after my skin a bigger priority

Due to some medical reasons, my doctor changed my birth control. This did not make my skin happy. I have never really had a problem with acne, but I was never totally confident in my skin and typically would have a pimple here and there or felt super dry. I started researching different products to try. Since I have sensitive skin I get nervous trying new things but I found a skincare routine that worked for me and it hugely boosted my self esteem.

8. I stopped wearing so much makeup

This may be a result of taking better care of my skin but, this has made such a difference to my self esteem. I used to hide behind my foundation, spending my days avoiding touching my face or rubbing my eyes. I still wear eyeliner and mascara most days, but switching over to BB cream has not only given me more sleeping time in the morning but also gave me more freedom to touch my skin. I’m not worried about leaving marks on someone I hug or sweating it off. There is some kind of relaxing power to just being able to rub your face during the day.

9. I switched to black coffee and it helped digestive issues

Ok, this was super gross at first. I like my coffee filled with sugar and creamer just like anyone else, but there is something about adding that extra stuff that just really made me uncomfortable. And by uncomfortable I mean, bloated, gassy and just gross. I couldn’t just cut out caffeine because that’s just insanity and anyone who can function without it I seriously don’t trust… So, I started drinking it black. Again, super gross at first but it has made me feel better when drinking it. It’s also super helpful if you’re trying to diet.

10. I spent more money on me

This one may be hard if you’re as broke as me but if I can find a way, so can you. I normally would only allow myself to get my nails done if I was going somewhere. I decided this was kind of stupid seeing how I haven’t been on a real vacation in like 4 years. I made sure that I was setting a little aside every paycheck to allow myself to be pampered. I found cheap massages and facials online, made monthly nail appointments, finally allowed myself to get my hair done and went shopping. Financially, I should have probably saved that money or paid off some debt but man, does it feel good to walk into a spa and pamper yourself.

Not all of these are going to work for you. Not all of these will make you feel like a better you. This is just what I have started doing and I know how it feels to not know where to start. You don’t need to find 10 things to change all at once but even if you find one thing, it could totally start to change your mood and just make your relationship with yourself better.

Written by Veronica Hamilton

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