I Stayed In A Toxic Relationship Because I Was Scared of Being Alone

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For a long time I wanted to break up with my ex but I was scared of being alone. I knew he wasn't right for me, he didn't treat me well, he had narcissistic tendencies and I was completely unhappy. But could I break up with him? No, because I was scared of being completely alone and empty without him. I finally overcame the fear of being lonely and ended it for good.

7 Ways I Improved My Mental Health

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Mental health is something a lot of us struggle with and don't focus on improving. If something's not feeling right, we usually put it to the back of our minds and hope it goes away. Neglecting your mental health can worsen it and lead to long term issues such as anxiety and depression. I've started focusing on my mental health a lot more recently and decided to make changes in my life to improve my mental health.

11 Exercise Beginner Workout Routine

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Fitness is not only great for your overall health but having a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and exercising regularly can greatly improve your mental health. I became interested in going to the gym so I could feel happier in myself and more confident in my body. Going to the gym soon became a way to lift my mood and not only was I boosting my self-esteem by becoming fitter and healthier, but I was also improving my mental health and feeling much more positive.

5 Days In Fuerteventura | Best Things To Do

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The last of the winter blues were hitting me at the end of March and I decided to book a spontaneous trip to Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, for a few days in the sun. Fuerteventura has an all year round temperature of 20-22 degrees and with guaranteed sunshine, beaches, and beautiful coastlines, it seemed like the perfect spot to relax and unwind for a few days.