10 Things I Did To Improve My Self Esteem

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As soon as 2019 came around, I vowed to make it my year and I know, everyone says “new year new me” but I didn’t want a “new” me. I wanted a better and improved version of myself. I was determined to stop feeling sorry for myself and complaining about everything, so these are some of the things I decided to improve.

12 Tinder Do's And Don'ts Before Your Next Date

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Tinder. The name of the online dating platform elicits an array of opinions. If you’re like me, you used the app as a form of window shopping – checking out your local prospects in a seemingly virtual safety net. But whether you’re using it to do some shopping, looking for a hookup, or searching for “the one,” there are some solid dos and don’ts to keep in mind before you get your swipe on.

How I Learned To Love Myself Despite My Depression

I watched as tears poured down my boyfriend’s face. During an argument, I had told him for the first time in our relationship, the awful words “I hate you.” As I absorbed the pain my words caused, I realized my own self-hatred buried deep inside. I could have kept hurting myself, but I couldn’t bear to see someone I love hurting. After some soul searching and apologies, I went to therapy for the first time in my life and was diagnosed with depression. This is my story of learning to love myself despite debilitating depression- the kind where you lay in bed all day long. Remember, everyone’s depression is unique, and these are in no ways alternatives to seeking treatment with a therapist or doctor, but these 10 tips helped me through depression.

7 Helpful Tips For Getting Over A Divorce

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Unfortunately, many of us will experience divorce at some point in our lives. Perhaps it will happen only a few years after your marriage. Perhaps it will happen after a decade or more. But there are steps you can take to help get through the pain and come out a stronger person.

Why Following Your Ex On Social Media Is Terrible For You

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Social Media is a wonderful thing for so many reasons; you can stay connected with friends no matter where they live, you can follow the latest trends, keep track of what Ryan Reynolds is doing at all times and share those fun holiday snaps. What it is not good for, however, is when you are going through a breakup. Breaks up are hard on all of us, especially when your significant other is part of your friendship group. And although we have to get there in our own time, we ultimately learn the only way to move on is to go cold turkey and stop all communication with them.

9 Ways To Keep The Spark In Your Relationship

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For the last four years of my life, I've been in a relationship. Four years, in the long run, doesn’t seem like much time but when you’re spending every moment of every day with the same person, you get tired and you get bored. Here are nine things I’ve learned about my relationship that helps keep the monotony at bay and ways to keep it alive and interesting.

10 Signs It's Time To Break Up With A Friend

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I’ve had a lot of friends in my life. Some friendships were for a season, some have lasted for decades. I don’t know the precise recipe for creating a lifelong friendship, but I know it’s important to figure out when the dynamic is DOA. If you hang on to a friendship for too long you can experience a bitter break-up, not unlike a romantic love gone wrongHere are some ways I can tell it’s time to call it quits with a platonic friend.

10 Things I Learned From Dating An Introvert

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The hardest part about a new relationship is when the initial excitement wears off and the reality of your differences creeps in. Sometimes these differences balance the two of you out and make you stronger, but sometimes they're deal breakers and can tear you apart. I’ve always been very outgoing and when I started dating someone who is an introvert and didn’t enjoy loud and crowded social situations as much as I do, I was caught off guard. It took a bit of work to figure it out if it was going to bring us closer or tear us apart.

7 Ways I Cope With Social Anxiety

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As a child, my parents would take my sisters and me to events or social outings. My sisters had no problem engaging with other people their age, even adults. But, for me, I would always look for a place I could retreat into myself without any intrusion or having to interact with anyone.

10 Ways To Support Your Partner Who Has Depression

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Mental health can be a tricky thing to get your head around, especially when you’re not the one suffering. Being in a relationship with someone who has depression can be draining. It can even cause you to deal with some mental health problems of your own. 

It’s important to understand what issues others are going through to help take care of ourselves. Here is a list of things you can do for your partner, and yourself, to help ease the pressure and stigma of mental health.

When The Guy You're Dating Is Just Using You

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When it comes to dating, it can be easy to forget about yourself and become obsessed with the chase and trying to get the guy of your dreams.  In pursuing a serious relationship, it is important that you continue to respect yourself and set boundaries, no matter how great of a catch he seems to be.  Learning to respect yourself will not only get his attention but will greatly increase your feelings of self-worth in the wonderful person that you are as an individual.

I Lost My Identity, This Is How I Found Myself

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Some people, like me, have struggled with their identity. We are constantly told by social media and our peers that we are supposed to be this and that. When in reality, we need to find ourselves and just be us. Imagine pretending to be someone else your entire life, unfortunate, right? Who wants to be someone else when you can be your unique incredible self? There is nobody like you, so start embracing it.

I Stayed In A Toxic Relationship Because I Was Scared of Being Alone

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For a long time I wanted to break up with my ex but I was scared of being alone. I knew he wasn't right for me, he didn't treat me well, he had narcissistic tendencies and I was completely unhappy. But could I break up with him? No, because I was scared of being completely alone and empty without him. I finally overcame the fear of being lonely and ended it for good.

7 Ways I Improved My Mental Health

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Mental health is something a lot of us struggle with and don't focus on improving. If something's not feeling right, we usually put it to the back of our minds and hope it goes away. Neglecting your mental health can worsen it and lead to long term issues such as anxiety and depression. I've started focusing on my mental health a lot more recently and decided to make changes in my life to improve my mental health.

11 Exercise Beginner Workout Routine

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Fitness is not only great for your overall health but having a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and exercising regularly can greatly improve your mental health. I became interested in going to the gym so I could feel happier in myself and more confident in my body. Going to the gym soon became a way to lift my mood and not only was I boosting my self-esteem by becoming fitter and healthier, but I was also improving my mental health and feeling much more positive.

5 Days In Fuerteventura | Best Things To Do

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The last of the winter blues were hitting me at the end of March and I decided to book a spontaneous trip to Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, for a few days in the sun. Fuerteventura has an all year round temperature of 20-22 degrees and with guaranteed sunshine, beaches, and beautiful coastlines, it seemed like the perfect spot to relax and unwind for a few days.