Why You Don't Need Followers To Make Money On Pinterest

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Many bloggers who want to make money from their blog and make a business from blogging ask themselves, 'Do I need Pinterest followers to make money?' The simple answer is no, you don't need as many Pinterest followers as you think. There are other more important tips you should be focusing on Pinterest, so don't stress out if you don't have lots of followers.

You don't need Pinterest followers to make money and be a successful blogger. I'm going to tell you about Tailwind, my secret weapon when it comes to Pinterest. Many bloggers think you need a huge following on Pinterest to make an income from blogging, and although many big bloggers do have a lot of Pinterest followers, it's not their followers that gain them page views, it's engagement.

Try a month of Tailwind for free worth $15 on me and start your Pinterest scheduling strategy.

If you don't have a Pinterest account for your blog, website or business, make one now. I offer Pinterest management packages where I can set up your Pinterest account from the beginning or offer coaching and Pinterest management if you're already using Pinterest but aren't seeing results yet. You can hire me on my contact page and we can discuss the best option to transform your Pinterest traffic and hugely increase your engagement.

Pinterest is my No.1 driving force for getting traffic to my blog. From SEO, long-tail keywords and advertising, Pinterest is still my top referral source for driving traffic to my blog. I focused on Pinterest from day one of starting my blog and it's really paid off. I don't use twitter or Facebook much to drive traffic to my blog, but instead focus solely on Pinterest.

You can see the results below from when I implemented my Pinterest strategy, my page views skyrocketed through the roof!

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And I did this all with less than 1000 followers to start with. Once I discovered tactics and a strategy that worked for me, I saw my Pinterest engagement continue to grow each month and it's still increasing!

In my eCourse Pinterest Millionaire, I lay out my exact strategy for getting hundreds of thousands of page views from Pinterest and the steps I took to increase my engagement and traffic and start making good money from pinning. The course takes you through the steps that other bloggers miss out on and will teach you how to make Pinterest your number one traffic source, no matter what your niche is so make sure to check out the course!

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Some of the modules from Pinterest Millionaire course

Do Pinterest Followers Really Matter?

In short, no. Pinterest followers don't matter as much as you think. Of course, it's important to continue to grow your following on all social media platforms as your blog grows, but gaining followers should not be your main priority. Many bloggers think that they can't succeed without lots of followers on Pinterest, this is simply untrue. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 Pinterest followers, Tailwind is going to be your secret weapon.

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I started making good money and getting great traffic from Pinterest with only a few hundred followers. I currently have around 3,000 followers on Pinterest and while this doesn't seem like a huge amount, my traffic is around 1 million page views per month. You see, it doesn't matter whether you have 100, 1000 or 100,000 followers on Pinterest, the one thing you need to focus on is engagement.

Why Engagement Is More Important

Engagement is more important than followers, period. It's no use having thousands of followers if you don't have a good pinning strategy to increase your engagement. Engagement is when people click on your pins and visit your website and repin your pins to their boards and group boards, which leads to more people visiting your website and engaging with your content. 

You could have 100 followers who are highly engaged with your Pinterest profile and constantly repin your pins and visit your website, which in turn increases your page views and makes you more money from ads, or you could have 1,000 followers who rarely click on your pins and never visit your site and make you no money. Which would you prefer? 

Clearly, it's incredibly more important to focus on engagement from the start rather than having lots of followers. That's why it's so important not to get disheartened by bloggers who have hundreds of thousands of followers because it really doesn't matter! Especially if those bloggers have paid for their followers, they're making a lot less money thank you think compared to the small blogger who gets lots of visitors from higher engagement.

How To Get More Pinterest Engagement

There are several strategies to increase your Pinterest engagement, including:

  • Use Tailwind to schedule your pins monthly
  • Having bright and colourful pins
  • Detailed pin descriptions utilising SEO
  • Using keywords in your pin descriptions 
  • Creating 'Rich Pins'
  • Branding Your Content
  • Following and repining constantly (that's where Tailwind comes in handy)
  • Being active and part of at least 30+ group boards on Pinterest
  • Optimising your profile with keywords to get found

If this all sounds like a lot of work then I can help you out with your Pinterest strategy and get your traffic increasing with my Pinterest management services. Just send me an email on my contact page and we can have a chat to see what will work best with your blog and business.

Even if you create beautiful graphics and pins, no one is going to notice them or repin them without a good Pinning strategy. That's where I break down my own strategy to going viral on Pinterest in my course Pinterest Millionaire. Whether you're a new blogger or experienced, each chapter will teach you new tips to mastering a successful Pinterest strategy, so make sure to check out the course!

How To Make Money On Pinterest

Firstly I want to address the misconception that you need to pay for advertising to get seen on Pinterest, this is simply false. You do not need to spend money to make money on Pinterest. I've never paid for advertising on Pinterest and my traffic is completely organic. I use manual and scheduled pinning to reach my target audience and I use Tailwind to do this. Tailwind is the most crucial step in getting traffic from Pinterest and I would not be making any money today without it. So if you're a blogger who is serious about making your blog into a business then Tailwind is the one thing you must invest in.

I spend about 15 minutes per week scheduling my entire pins for the week (we're talking about saving 3-4 hours a day pinning 100's of pins manually, so save yourself a heck of a lot of time with Tailwind.) It costs roughly $10 a month and I use the Plus Plan. This allows me to focus solely on creating great content for my blog instead of spending hours and hours promoting my blog posts manually.

Try Tailwind free for a month (usually worth $15) and see the results for yourself!

So essentially, it all comes down to your pinning plan. Followers won't get you the results you want unless you have a practical plan to increase your engagement. Make sure to check out my Pinterest Millionaire course if you're serious about getting lots of traffic from Pinterest and turning them into customers to increase your earnings.

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How to make money on Pinterest, how to make money from pinterest, how to make money pinning, pinterest course, pinterest marketing, how to make money blogging, pinterest tips, pinterest strategy, pinterest hacks, pinterest for business, pinterest blogging, pinterest strategies

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  2. Thank you so much for this! You've given me a different perspective. Before reading this, I honestly thought that having a lof of followers is what you needed to succeed on Pinterest (or anywhere else). But you're right, it makes sense that engagement is way more important! Is it possible to still succeed without using Tailwind or other similar apps?

    Alicia | www.aliciabynature.co.uk

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