12 Signs You're Falling In Love With Him

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Falling in love is like letting go of everything that scares you and embracing that something incredible is about to happen; you don't know what, or where it's going to take you but you're letting yourself go on this ride and allowing yourself to enjoy it to the fullest. It's the excitement of the unknown and the apprehension of not wanting to get hurt, but trusting that this is meant to happen.

You may have been in love before, or thought you've been in love, but when you're falling for someone, you start to notice things that are different from past relationships and you start to feel a certain way that you haven't felt before. These are 12 signs that you're falling in love.

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1. You Feel So Happy Around Him

Any time you're in your partners company, you feel an immense happiness and comfort being with them. They make you laugh, you share jokes and it's a sure sign you're falling for him when your mood is instantly lifted by being with them. They have a positive effect on your mental attitude and they make you feel so happy and uplifted.

2. You're Really Attracted To Him

You always catch yourself staring at him and are instantly attracted to him every time you see him. You find him more attractive each time you're together and can't help but notice how handsome he is.

3. You Get Excited About Seeing Him

You know those butterflies in your stomach too well when you're on your way to meet up with him and you get nervous about what you're going to say or how to act. You get genuinely excited to see him and spend time with him and you can't wait to be in his company so you can have lots of fun together and have  a lot of laughs. You put extra effort into your appearance and try on about three different outfits before seeing him so as to make a good impression, even though they'd be happy with you any way.

4. You Miss Him After A Short Time Apart

A clear sign that your feelings are developing into love are when you start to miss him shortly after you've spent time together. A few hours have passed and you're already missing his company. You love being around him and you want to be with them as much as possible. 

5. You're Open To Doing New Things With Him

Activities that you never would of thought of doing before now seem like a fun time because you're with him. You're open to trying out his hobbies and doing things you've never done before because you want to experience the things he's interested in too. Adjusting and accepting their way of life is a definite sign you're falling for him.

6. He's Always On Your Mind

You find yourself thinking about what he's doing throughout the day. You see things that you think he'd like or go to a place you know he'd love to visit. He's always just at the back of your mind and you tend to notice things that remind you of him. You want to tell him about fun things you're doing and you find yourself smiling like an idiot sometimes when you remember things he's made you laugh about.

7. You Feel Comfortable Being Yourself Around Him

A sign you're falling in love is when you start opening up more around him and feel comfortable being yourself completely. You don't mind being silly around him and having fun. You feel comfortable talking to him about anything and don't feel like you have to constantly impress him.

8. You Love His Quirks

That little laugh he has or those funny jokes he always makes turn into the things you love the most about him. He feels very special to you and you love that he's different to anyone you've ever been with.

9. You Love Hearing From Him

It's not uncommon to feel like a giddy teenager when you're falling love, like when your heart beats a little faster when their name pops up on your phone screen. You check your phone often to see if they've been in touch and you love just keeping in contact with them wherever you are.

10. You're Not Interested In Dating Anyone Else

You know you're falling in love when you completely forget about any other guy you've dated before and you don't even think about your ex anymore. No other guy catches your eye and you have no interest in talking to any other man in a dating sense.

11. You Feel Like You Can Trust Him

A big sign of love is when you feel safe around him and you can trust him. Whether it's with personal details in your life, or just trusting that he'll be there for you through difficult times or trusting him to be faithful, you'll find yourself falling in love with him when you know you can trust him more than other people in your life. Everything just feels good when you're with him.

12. You Feel Excited For The Future

A sure sign you're falling in love is when you can imagine him in your life in the future. You might not know when or how but you like the idea of him being around in your life for a long time and you get excited about the adventures you both could go on. Maybe you've mentioned that you'd like to travel together or visit certain places, which are signs that you can see yourselves in each others lives in the future.

These are some emotional and scientific signs that your body shows when you're falling in love with someone. If you're asking yourself, am I in love? Or If you're not sure whether or not you're in love or how to know if you're falling in love with someone, then look out for these signs of falling in love.

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