Should You Break Up Before You Go Traveling?

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The dilemma of whether you should go traveling or stay at home with your partner is a tough decision that many couples face. You've dreamt of travelling the world but you don't want to jeopardise your relationship with your significant other by going travelling without them.

I went travelling around Asia for two months when I was in the early stages of a relationship and it still worked out. So you may be asking yourself, 'How can I travel while in a relationship?'

If you've decided that you definitely want to go travelling but your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't, then you have two options:

1: Go travelling alone without your other half but remain in your relationship
2: Break up with your partner to go travelling solo

If your relationship is strong, then your partner will completely understand your decision to want to travel and will be excited and happy for you. It's understandable that they'll be sad that you're leaving them for a certain amount of time but they should want you to have amazing life experiences.

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Travel or Relationship?

You can have both.

When I decided to go travelling around Asia for two months, I'd just started seeing a guy who I really liked but I knew I needed to travel for myself and get out and see the world. I was nervous about telling him I was going travelling, because who wants to start dating someone and have them jet off to the other side of the world for a few months?! 

Thankfully he'd travelled himself quite a bit in the past and he saw it as an amazing opportunity for me, but he was understandably slightly annoyed that I was leaving out of the blue for a few months. 

I went travelling with the expectation that he'd meet someone else while I was away and I never assumed that he'd be waiting for me when I came home. After all you can't expect someone to put their life on hold for you. But I actually felt we became closer while I was travelling in a sense. We texted most days and had phone calls now and again and we kept in contact for the entire time. When I returned home we picked up where we left off and I couldn't of asked for anything more.

So my advice for going travelling while in a relationship is that you shouldn't expect your partner to wait for you and be understanding if they don't want to continue the relationship because you're going travelling, especially if you're traveling for a long time. However, if you're relationship is strong enough then your partner should be there for you and respect your decision to want to go travelling. If they really care about you they won't automatically want to break up just because you want to go and travel the world.

If you feel like you won't be able to stay faithful to your partner while you're travelling then you should definitely break up with them before you go travelling because it's only fair to them. You can't leave them waiting at home for you if you don't think you'll continue the relationship when you return.

If you're paranoid about whether they'll stay faithful to you while you're travelling then you need to ask yourself whether it's the right thing to continue this relationship or if you should end it before you go traveling. Long distance relationships can be tough while travelling, so speak with your partner and come to a decision that suits you both.

Traveling while in a relationship is definitely doable and the relationship can succeed if you have regular communication with your partner and show interest in each others lives throughout your travels.

It's hard being apart from each other but it's so nice to have someone to tell all the fun things you're doing and to have someone you love to come home to.

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relationship or travel, travel or relationship, traveling in a relationship, travelling while in a relationship, traveling solo relationship, long distance travel and relationship, how to travel with your partner, breaking up to go traveling


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