28 Things You Will Relate To After A Break Up

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You'll never understand true pain until you go through your first heartbreak. Breakups are hard for everyone and although it sucks, you will go through a lot of emotions after a breakup, whether it's your first, fifth or one hundredth. (I really hope you don't go through one hundred break ups, that would call for A LOT of ice-cream.)

When a relationship ends, it's hard for everyone involved but it's especially painful and heartbreaking if you loved the person and they broke up with you.

There's no denying the fact that break ups are tough. Even if you think you're the strongest person in the world, going through a breakup is one of the hardest things you'll deal with in life and there are certain things you will relate to after a break up.

Although I wish no one should have to go through the pain of a break up, it is a pretty common occurrence in life and you will probably find yourself being broken up with or breaking up with someone at some point in your life. (Unless you're one of those lucky people who found 'the one' with the first try - damn you.)

Even if the relationship was unhealthy, toxic or you knew it had to end, it's still extremely difficult to go through a traumatic break up and the end of any relationship is hard to deal with.

We all have similar thoughts after a break up. It will get easier, even if it feels like you're in the depths of despair right now. Take some comfort in knowing that there a lot of other people in the exact same position as you right this moment. 

If you're dealing with a bad break up currently, then here are 28 things you will relate to about breakups and things you will do after a break up.

28 Things You Will Relate To After A Break Up

1. You feel like you can't make it more than half an hour without crying your eyes out.

2. You delete every picture on your phone of your ex to erase every memory of them.

3. You want to delete them off social media, but you don't want to cut all ties with them because it means you can't stalk them.

4. You then proceed to stalk their social media and cry some more.

5. You see your ex tagged in a photo having a good time and you hate them for being happy after hurting you so much.

6. You regret ever going on that first date with them.

7. You wonder if they still think about you at all.

8. You start looking up flights to the furthest country away from you because you wan't to start a new life in Antarctica.

9. You realise that being single means you can walk around your house looking like a slob without anyone caring, so there is a silver lining to this break up.

10. You realise that you don't have to shave your legs and make an effort with your makeup and hair all the time now - another win!

11. You hate the thought of them moving on and being with someone else.

12. You feel like they were the only person who could ever possibly like you and no one else will want to be with you in life.

13. Part of you still holds on to the hope that the relationship isn't definitely over. (It is, by the way. It's 100% over.)

14. You realise that you have so much spare time on your hands now and don't have a clue what to do with it.

15. You cry some more about not being able to hang out with your ex anymore. 

16. You get angry about how they could do this to you and hurt you so much.

17. You vow to never let anyone hurt you this much ever again.

18. You're tempted to join Tinder and Bumble straight after the breakup, just to remind yourself that there are plenty of other eligible people out there.

19. You hate the fact that you got so emotionally involved and attached to that person who would then go on to break your heart.

20. You feel like writing them a lengthy letter to tell them what a jerk they are.

21. You feel extremely lonely and lost now that you're single.

22. Then you realise that there are so many great opportunities for you out there and you can do whatever you want now. 

23. You understand that they weren't the one for you but it still hurts so much.

24. You didn't realise you could hurt this much about a guy or girl.

25. You delete them off all of your social media because you realise that you don't need a constant reminder about what they're doing in their life.

26. You really want to just message your ex to ask them why they've done this and get an explanation.

27. You want to go out and drink and party all the time to take your mind off of it, but then realise that that won't actually ease the pain.

28. You finally get your shit together and start working on yourself to rebuild your life and realise that  you definitely don't need them anymore.
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things you will relate to after a break up, thoughts after a break up, how to get over a break up, breakup, how to survive a break up, what not to do after a break up, what to do after a break up


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