An Open Letter To My Ex

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To the guy who broke my heart,

I fell for you. I fell really hard for you. You were the first person I let into my life in four years, because I'd been broken before and wasn't ready to be broken again. Little did I know that you'd hurt me more than anything I'd ever felt. Little did I know that every second I spent with you meant nothing.

Has Social Media Taken Over Real Life Communication?

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I'm currently sat in a cafe, writing an article on ways to benefit your mental health, when I look around and notice that everyone sitting around me is either facing away from me or deeply distracted by their phones. I watched three people come into the cafe and, out of about 10 seats, chose the ones facing away from the centre of the cafe, and away from me.

Why Travel Is Good For Your Mental Health | 7 Reasons To Travel

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Everyday we get so caught up in our jobs, in the pressure to be the best, to succeed in life and get ahead of the crowd, that we forget to look after our own mental health. Life is full of stress from relationships, friendships, family, studies, work, money and so much more. Traveling is a huge stress relief and this is why travel is good for your mental health.

28 Things You Will Relate To After A Break Up

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You'll never understand true pain until you go through your first heartbreak. Breakups are hard for everyone and although it sucks, you will go through a lot of emotions after a breakup, whether it's your first, fifth or one hundredth. (I really hope you don't go through one hundred break ups, that would call for A LOT of ice-cream.)

How To Be Happier: 14 Ways To Be Happy Now

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If you're asking yourself 'How can I be happier?' these are things you can do right now to have a happier mindset. Whether you want to be happier in life, in general, at work or happier with your family, there are things you should be doing everyday in your life that will add to your happiness.

12 Ways To Get Over A Break Up

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Getting over a break up can be one of the toughest things you'll go through in life, especially if it was someone you loved and who meant a lot to you. 

Moving on from a break up is very difficult and challenging, and sometimes it feels like you're never going to get over it, but the reality is that, feelings fade over time and you will move on from this relationship and things will get better.

What Is Consent? Rape And Learning That No Means No

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Sexual consent means to give permission for something to happen or an agreement to do something in a sexual situation. Consent lets someone know that you are willing and wanting to have sex with them. Any sexual activity without consent is rape or sexual assault. All people involved must freely and enthusiastically agree to sex for it to be consensual.