Living With Depression: 12 Things I've Learned

12 things I've learned from living with depression, living with depression, depression, depression treatment, depression cure

Depression has been a big part of my life for the past seven years and although I wish it wasn't so familiar to me, I've come to terms with it a lot and it's completely changed me as a person. I've had some stages where it was very bad and some where it's been more manageable and even though I still live with it today, I'm continuing to search for a life where I don't have to be so consumed by it.

I've become very familiar with different aspects of depression and these are the main things I've learnt from it.

1. You learn to live with it

Depression has become normal to me. It's an everyday thing that's a part of me now. I didn't wake up one day and think 'Oh, I've contracted depression,' like some sort of flu, but it crept into my life and now I'm living with it! I don't let it define me and I do my best to control it but at the end of the day I've learnt to live with this not-so-pleasent thing and adjust my life to it.

2. Some days are better than others

Don't get me wrong, depression sucks and I wouldn't wish it on anybody, but not all days are as bad as the others. Sometimes you feel like you're never going to escape it and you might have to live with it forever, but other days you see hope and find the motivation to keep going and fight for your happiness and yourself. I'd rather not have it in my life at all, but I've found that depression doesn't have to ruin every day for me, I can choose to rise above it.

3. You forget that not everyone realises you're depressed

When you're depressed, you almost feel like everyone else is depressed and they understand what you're going through or they have the same outlook on life as you. But then you notice people laughing and having loads of energy and you think 'Wow, how can they be so happy?' Then you realise that the majority of the population don't understand what depression is like and that's ok.

4. It's incredibly easy to shut yourself out

When you're depressed and you have a choice of either going out into the world and working, socialising and putting yourself out there, or the choice of staying indoors, lying in bed in your comfortable space, you pretty much try to choose the latter every single time. It's so unhealthy to shut yourself out from the world but it's so incredibly easy to do it as well. I've found the more I push myself to try new things and get out there, the more my depression gets better.

5. Medication for depression is incredibly normal

The amount of people who have told me they've been on antidepressants or medication for their moods is incredible. I've even had people in my workplace openly tell me that they were on tablets for depression and I was shocked. Shocked that it's such an incredibly common thing and happily shocked that people are openly talking about it and it doesn't feel like it's just me dealing with depression.

6. Medication doesn't always work

Taking a magic pill won't cure your depression. As much as you'd like to think that starting antidepressants will make you feel 100x better and happier, they just don't. Anti-depressants can work really well for some people to increase your mood but on their own, they're not going to do much. It takes diet, exercise, social life, work and many other factors to properly combat depression, not just tablets alone. 

Counselling is a brilliant way to fight depression and I've found it hugely successful. Try online counselling today from the comfort of your own home.

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7. Social media is your worst enemy

Social media has had a huge impact on my depression. The internet can be a very lonely place and make you very isolated. It's ok in moderation but trying to distract yourself from your own life through things online can only lead to worsening your mental health.

8. You get used to having very little energy

Along with your motivation and positivity, your energy levels can drop pretty low. Especially if depression is making it hard to exercise and get out and about, your metabolism will get very slow and can cause weight gain, along with late nights distracting yourself by watching netflix or being glued to your laptop, depression can mess your sleep schedule up pretty bad. The best way I've found to combat this is force myself to go for walks and get outside and limit distractions.

9. It's hard to be motivated to do anything

Simple tasks can seem like the hardest things to do. Even easy things like taking a shower or brushing your hair or changing your bed sheets can seem almost impossible.

10. You can't remember life before depression

Depression can become a normality, which is a pretty scary realisation when you can't actually remember how you used to be happy everyday and full of energy. You can't remember a starting point of being depressed and you definitely can't remember what it feels like to not live with depression.

11. It's frustrating when you can't explain that you have depression

There are a lot of times when you want to cancel plans or just say no to invitations or make up some stupid excuse as to why you can't meet up with people and you wish you could just say, 'Hey, sorry I'm feeling pretty depressed today so I can't make it.' Unfortunately it can be too hard to tell people you have depression, especially people you're not very close with and you wish they could just understand your situation.

12. The decisions you make are the best cure for depression

I've found that out of medication, therapy, counselling and online help, the only way I can cure my depression is to make the decision to do it myself. Anti-depressants can only get you so far and although counselling and CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) is extremely helpful, it's YOU who has to put it into practice and take the steps needed to make your depression better. I have to make myself get out and exercise, join a group, change my job, start a course, take a class etc. to put myself out there and stop hiding myself away to let the depression worsen.

These are very important lessons I've learned from living with depression and understanding this horrible mental issue is the best way to combat it and beat it for good. Whether you've dealt with depression, anxiety or ocd, you can take the steps necessary to give yourself a better and happy life.

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12 things I've learned from living with depression, living with depression, depression, depression treatment, depression cure


  1. I think not just with depression, but for someone with any mental health issue social media can really worsen things. Even though we all know it's fake, something about it I think just makes you feel like your life is perpetually worse than other peoples.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


  3. Depression, and any mental illness is consuming. It consumes your throughts, your social life, your positivity, yada yada yada. It is so inspiring that people are finally feeling comfortable talking about it because it should be talked about. That way it can be taken care of. I'm struggling with the whole medication is only working on some days part and really trying to not let it take over me. I am interested in the CBT therapy you mentioned. Thanks!!

    Much love,

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