15 Signs You Need to End a Relationship Now

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Relationships can be amazing but they can also be crap if they're not working out. Relationships can start out great but over time certain signs can tell you that it's not working out. Whether the relationship just isn't going anywhere or you have a gut feeling that you need to call it quits, here are the signs that you need to bite the bullet and end it.

It sucks having to end any relationship and you might try and convince yourself to stay in the relationship to avoid confrontation or hurting the other person or yourself, however, you need to be brave and face the facts and ask yourself if you're happy and if your relationship is really working.

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1. You're not interested in each other

You don't find yourself interested in each others lives or want to spend time with each other anymore. They don't seem to be interested in what you're doing or the important things in your life.

2. You don't talk to each other as much

If the conversation dies out pretty quickly or you're just not texting or calling your significant other as much, that can be a clear sign that you're headed in different directions and you're not a priority to each other.

3. They still have feelings for their ex

This is a big no-no. It's understandable that it takes time to get over an ex, but if your new significant other still thinks about their ex-girlfrind or boyfriend all the time, you need to ask them if they're really serious about making things work with you. You deserve to have them thinking about you all the time, not their ex. You don't want to just be a random person helping them get over their ex, so have the talk asap.

4. There's no spark

If the spark has dwindled pretty early on and you're not excited at the thought of seeing them and spending time with them, it may be time to call it quits. Relationships should be full of excitement and fun and the sparks should be flying.

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5. They're only interested in you sexually

Many people end up staying in relationships because of the sexual connection, but that's not enough for a long term relationship to last on. If they're only interested in you for sex and not interested in you as a person, it's time to wave goodbye to them.

6. You're not happy

This is pretty self explanatory, if you're not happy in general and your mood is affected due to your relationship, things aren't working out and it's best to end it now. Your happiness is so important and you shouldn't waste it on someone who brings you down.

7. They're distant all the time

If they're being distant, truth is they're not very interested anymore. They'd rather be spending their time with other people than with you and they're not making an effort to see or talk to you. Time to cut that relationship off and meet someone who can't wait to spend every moment with you!

8. It's a burden to meet up with each other

If you or your partner would rather hang out with your friends instead of going on a date or hanging out with each other, the relationship may have reached its end. You may find yourself making excuses as to not have to go out as much with each other.

9. They're messaging their ex/other people

If they're still in touch with their ex, that's not cool. Yes you can be friends with ex's, but if they're constantly messaging their ex, they may be keeping that connection going because there's still feelings there or they're keeping them as an option if you don't work out. Bring it up with your boyfriend/girlfriend ASAP and find out what's going on. No one deserves to be second best.

10. There's bad communication between you

If the conversations are awkward or you don't know what to talk about, this is a clear indication of a lack of chemistry, which could be difficult to work out in the long run. 

11. You're just friends

Ah, the good old 'friend zone.' Maybe you should have left your significant other in it? Many couples realise after a while that they're just best friends and not lovers, so if you think this could be the case, it may be better to end it before you get in too deep.

12. You're not their priority anymore

If they're putting work, hanging out with friends, activities, drinking etc. before you, they're not worth your time. It's understandable that you have to work around each others schedule, but if they put everything in their life before you and you're last on the list, you need to get out of that relationship.

13. You're not having fun

Relationships should be full of fun and excitement and you should be having amazing experiences and lots of laughs with your partner. If this is the exact opposite to what your relationship is like, you need to break up with them and find someone who makes you extremely happy and who you enjoy spending time with.

14. You don't love them

This is a clear indicator of when it's time to break up. Of course feelings take time to develop but if you've been with your partner a while and you're not developing feelings and you can't see yourself falling in love with them, it's better to call it a day and move on so you can find someone who you will eventually love. Likewise if it's clear they don't love you anymore, it's time for you to end the relationship.

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15. You feel stuck because you're in too deep

Maybe you've met the parents, or they've bought you an expensive gift or booked a holiday. It may seem impossible to leave this person because of some big milestone you've passed or you might feel like you owe them for something they've done for you. It's not your fault if you know they're not right for you and you shouldn't feel bad for ending a relationship with the wrong person.

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15 signs you need to end a relationship, signs to end relationship, need to end relationship, need to end a relationship, signs your relationship is over, need to break up


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