Why I Quit My Job After Two Months (And Why It Was The Best Decision Ever)

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I quit my job last week. Yep, I quit my job without another one lined up. Was that a stupid decision? Financially, maybe. Was it a wise decision? For my mental health, yes.

Some might call me a 'serial job quitter' and by that I mean, I've quit a fair few jobs in my time. Now, I know that's not the best habit to get into, however I've had very good reasons for doing so and I've always landed back on my feet after each one.

My latest job was in the hospitality sector (I'll not name names because I'd quite like to not get sued) and for anyone who has worked in hospitality, you'll know that you take a lot of crap from costumers. The particular place I worked didn't have an overly rude clientele, but there were some days when I felt like screaming in a corner and went home feeling super down, and that's when the warning signs started to appear.

It wasn't long after I'd started that I found my mental health taking a turn for the worse. I'd come home from a 6:30am shift feeling exhausted, emotionally drained and not wanting to do anything else than close my curtains and crawl up into a ball in bed and never come out again.

I know a lot of people don't love their jobs, but when a job gets to a point where it's affecting your daily life outside of work, you need to make a change.

I'm quite an introverted person but I can handle myself well in difficult situations, however with my particular personality type, I've found it hard to find a job that I actually enjoy and can see myself doing in the long run.

I knew if I stuck to this job (which I was purely staying in for the money at this point, which you should NEVER do) my mental health would deteriorate more and more to a point where I wouldn't be at my best functioning self, and that's a slippery slope to be on.

So after a lot of hard thinking and deliberating on the pros and cons, I decided it was time to hand my notice in and leave the position.

I explained to my management exactly how I was feeling and funny enough, they were completely understanding. They acknowledged how important your mental health is and I was really glad that in today's world people in the workplace can be so understanding of the importance of mental health in a working capacity.

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I'm currently a student and thankfully I'm not a big spender and I have savings to fall back on for the time being, so I didn't leave myself broke, but whether you're a young person, a student, in a full time nine-to-five job, or if you're finding that your job is really affecting your mental health, it may be time to reassess your options and find a more suitable position that will better your life mentally and emotionally.

If you're not sure what job you want or what job will make you happy, or if you're looking to take your career in a new direction, why not take some online courses to develop your skills and possibly find a new career that you'll love?

Here's a list of the best online course platforms:

1. Coursera - 1600+ online courses from top universities.
2. Future Learn - Wide range of courses from leading universities over all topics.
3. Premier TEFL - Learn to teach English as a foreign language.
4. Edureka! - Online technology training and courses.
5. CreativeLive - 1500+ online classes in the creative arts sector.

I think life is all about learning and growing and you'll only discover what you like by trying out new things, and if that means starting a new job and leaving after a few months, then so be it! I have no way of knowing if I'll enjoy something until I try it for the first time, so there's no need to feel ashamed or like a failure if you find out that it's not for you.

I'm confident that I'll find a job that I love someday, because I would never stick at something that made me unhappy purely for the monetary value. 

Since I've quit my job, I've had a lot more freedom to explore other routes and options. I've started taking an online course in web development and I'm learning a lot more about affiliate marketing by enrolling in the Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing course (if you're interested in having blogging as a career then this is a MUST-have! Check out the course here)

It's my hope to one day potentially be my own boss and make more of a full time income from my blog and who knows, maybe this was the first step in achieving that!

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Yes I'm not sure where exactly I'm going.  Yes, I'm not sure what exactly what job I want in life, but I'm trying new things and that's what's important. I'm not giving up, I'm simply learning and discovering myself.

So let's hear it for the people who quit their jobs because they knew there was something so much better out there for them!

Emily x
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why I quit my job, quit my job, quit job, change career, why I should quit my job, should I quit my job

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  1. I’m sat reading this post and nodding my head up and down the whole time ! It’s as though you wrote this about me 😳 I’m now in my mid 30’s and I can honestly say iv never truly known what iv wanted to do work wise. I did uni, had loads of different jobs and spent the whole time utterly depressed (hense why I blog about it now) . I have often felt like a failure for not having a career, as though I don’t have direction or purpose. It’s only now that I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my skin. Work can put huge strain on our mental health and we must be happy. Working on my website has made me feel free and alive for once in my life.
    Great post and I wish you all the best 🤗

  2. I quit my job to teach ESL abroad, and it was the best decision! Good luck to you and hope you can find something that feeds your soul :)

  3. Really cool. Congratulations on quitting your job! The links you mentioned where you can take free classes are really helpful too, I'll have to look into it.

  4. Wow! This is basically what happened to me in December. I was working at a very nice but very demanding hotel as a front desk agent first then a wedding coordinator. Everyday I came home from work feeling emotionally exhausted and overworked due to poor management. Even the clients left me lifeless at the end of the day. I had a quarter life crisis due to stress from the job(I’m 23) and quit with no two weeks notice. Best decision I have ever made. I have zero regrets and it feels great. Props to us!!!!