4 Signs You Should Stop Wasting Your Time And Energy On Someone Who Doesn't Deserve It

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People are flakey. Not all people, but some people you meet in life are hella flakey. Flakey people are those who constantly flake out on you, bail on you, cancel plans and don't give you their time in return for you giving them yours. These people make me mad, but yet I seem to always keep giving them the time of day. Why? Because I value their time more than I should.

I've encountered someone recently who, anytime I try to hang out with, will constantly bail and have an excuse to go home, purely because they can't be bothered spending their time with me or they have 'better' things to be doing. This same person is someone who expects me to help them out with work and get them opportunities, and basically be there for them at the drop of a hat. 

Should I keep giving this person my time? Hell no. The problem is that I'm a bit of a people pleaser, meaning I hate to say no to people and let people down, so I go out of my way for others to make sure they don't feel let down or left out. But why am I doing it for people who don't do the same for me?

You go the extra mile for them, but they don't do the same for you. Of course it's great to be nice to people, I try to be courteous to everyone whenever I can, however there comes a point when you need to say distance yourself the people who take advantage of your kindness. If they're not willing to put in their time and effort for you, you need to ask yourself whether it's time to stop going the extra mile for them.

1. They're not interested in what you have to say. It's great to be a listener and give a helping hand, I value myself in this aspect, however, you deserve to be listened to and appreciated too. If you know someone who constantly tells you about their life or problems, but isn't interested in hearing about yours in return, this person isn't valuing your time and you shouldn't waste it on them.

2. They need you as a friend, but you don't get anything out of the relationship. Relationships are a two way street. If one person is relying on your for their happiness but you aren't getting anything in return, it's time to call it quits, or give them an ultimatum. Your happiness is of the ultimate importance and it should be a 50/50 situation.

3. You go out of your way to accommodate them, but they're always busy. If you say yes to everything they ask you to do, or you're there for them whenever they need you, but they're never free or always busy when you ask them to hang out or need to talk, this person is definitely not worth wasting your energy on. Your time is of the upmost importance and if they don't respect that the way you do, move on from them. Be greedy when it comes to giving out your time. Put yourself first for a change and don't settle for people who make you feel unimportant. Even if it means going it alone until you find people who really value you, it'll be worth it for your happiness in the long run.