Why People Are Afraid Of Change (and How To Be More Accepting of it)

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Change is good. Change is scary. Change is inevitable. 

How we deal with change is what defines us. How we embrace change is what makes us. We can run from change, avoid it all costs, but it always catches up with us and we have no choice but to face it head on. We often avoid change because the outcome is uncertain, it's easier to stick with what we're used to. I'm going to talk a bit about dealing with change in relationships, change in work and life decisions that can lead to huge changes within ourselves.

I get scared of new situations, whether it's work or education. When I'm going to be in a place where I'm surrounded by new people, I get anxious. I don't know the outcome, I don't know if I'll get along with anybody or if I'll fit in there, but it's something I have to face. Can you notice a similarity in my thought process? We quickly imagine the worst case scenario when it comes to change. We think up all the possibilities that could go wrong and make it hard for us, but we never really focus on the positives. Instead of thinking that I might meet some amazing people, I might make great friendships and I might experience an amazing change in my life, I immediately fear for the worst.

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It's ok to be scared of change. It's ok to be afraid of the unknown. It's human to feel that way.

So many people stay in toxic relationships because they're scared of what will happen when it ends. They've become so dependent on someone who they know is having a negative impact on their life, however, they physically can't leave them because they're scared of how their life will change when the relationship ends. They choose to hold on to something that's bad for them because they don't know how they'll cope with the change of being on their own. 

I've experienced this myself. 

I spent years with someone who had a mental hold on me, critiqued my weight and my appearance, had little respect for me. My life outside the relationship wasn't great either but I couldn't make myself leave that person over the fear of not being able to cope on my own, fear of the change that was to come. I thankfully was able to leave the relationship behind and move on with my own life and although the change was difficult, it was something that needed to be done. And even though more negatives than positives came out of that relationship, it changed me as a person and made me so much stronger and I gained the respect for myself to walk away from toxic situations.

Leaving a toxic job is also a big decision a lot of people face. Like I mentioned earlier, it can be easier to put up with a negative work environment than to risk leaving your job and actually finding something you enjoy. I used to work so hard at a job that pretty much made me miserable and I'm currently taking steps to change that. The work hours were good, the pay was decent but I was so unhappy and it's only fair to myself if I choose to change that part of my life.

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I get scared of the future. I'm comfortable in my life at the moment. I live in a nice house, I have my family close by, I have a dog that I love to pieces. However, I haven't fulfilled everything in my own life yet. I know I'm probably going to have to move away for work opportunities in the future and leave the life I'm used to behind for a while, and that scares me. It would be easier if I chose a smaller life and stay where I am. But life isn't about taking the easy route. It's so important to fight that feeling and push yourself through the anxiety that comes along with change.

 As humans we're built to adjust to our surroundings, we're built to adapt to changes.

I always say you choose the life you're living. If I'm unhappy in life, it's because of choices I've made and I'm the only one who can change it. The changes I make determine the life I have. So if you're unhappy in life or afraid to make a big change that could lead to much greater happiness, you owe it to yourself to put that change into action and live the life you deserve. You deserve to be happy and you have the power to make that change.

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Have you ever faced a difficult change in your life?

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  1. I love changes as someone who gets easily bored and despise routines. Great article.


    1. Yes I'm definitely not a routine person either, thanks for reading! Emily

  2. What a wonderful post, change truly is terrifying at times. I've realized how easy it is to fall back into old patterns and stay where you are comfortable. But, we never have the adventures we dream of by staying still, so I think embracing change is the right thing to do! I agree with everything you've said here, and I'm also glad you were able to leave an unhealthy relationship and be so brave for yourself xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

    1. You summed it up perfectly! It's so true we need to get out of our comfort zone. Thanks for reading, Emily x

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