8 Ways to Stay Motivated When You Want to Quit

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Have you ever felt like you wanted to quit everything? Everyone in life has faced a time when they've wanted to quit. However, quitting is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and if you feel like quitting right now, here's why you shouldn't.

I had a MAJOR wanting to quit moment this week. I started a new course and to be honest, it wasn't at all what I'd hoped for. I did it because there were certain modules I was excited to study but after the first day, I realised it could be a long time before I get to do any of the things I signed up for. I came home that evening with a very heavy head and went into 'wanting to quit' mode.

I was so convinced that I wanted to quit everything and drop out that very minute. What changed my mind? Time. I asked myself the following questions and really assessed if this was something I wanted to go through with and if it was going to better my life in the long term.

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If you feel like you want to quit your job or drop out of university or college, or even quit that diet that you've started, take some time to clear your head and ask yourself these questions:

1. Why did I sign up for this in the first place?

When you reach a point where you feel like quitting, ask yourself why you wanted to do this in the first place. Were you excited about making this your future? Are you passionate about it? Has it been a big interest in your life so far? Go back to the very beginning of when you first started thinking about whatever it is you're doing right now. When you feel like quitting, just remember why you started.

2. Am I being too swift to make a decision?

It's normal to feel uncertain about new things. You've made a big change in your life and part of you will always want to revert back to what you're used to, your comfort zone. This is when you need to fight through those early stages of doubt and give it a chance. It's hard to make a good judgement on a new situation or environment in the first couple of days or weeks. Give it time and see how your feelings change, you might end up growing to like it.

3. Think of the end result

Imagine your life when you complete your goal. You could end up losing that weight, or completing that degree or getting that step up the job ladder or whatever it is you're working towards. Envision your future and what it'll be like if you decide not to quit. If you can see the results in your head it can spur you on to keep working for it. If it leads to a better future and greater happiness in life then don't give up.

4. Who are you doing it for?

Are you doing this to please others? Are you doing it to fulfil someone else's dreams? The main person you should be doing it for is you. There's no point following a dream if it's not your own. Remember that you're doing this for your future self. If you're not, then you need to reassess your options and follow your true meaning.

5. Surround yourself with motivation

There are tons of people who have wanted to quit in life but the successful ones are those who didn't. Even if it's just reading some inspirational quotes or reading a motivational book to change your mind set, surround yourself with positivity and motivation and you'll reignite the drive to succeed within yourself. A great self help book about the law of attraction and succeeding in life is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. A lot of people have said this book has changed their life so it's definitely worth a read!

Read The Secret:

6. Find a solution to the reason you want to quit

Really ask yourself why you want to quit. Is it because you find it boring? Are you too tired from working at it? Do you need a break? Instead of packing it in altogether, find solutions to the problems you're facing. Take a break when you need it, find ways to make it more interesting, talk to someone about it. Once you get to the core reason for wanting to quit, focus on how to make that better.

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7. Don't let a bad start put you off from finishing the race

You might of had a crappy first day but that doesn't mean you should judge the rest of your time based on that. Things will get better, it takes time to adjust to new environments. It's common to go into fight or flight mode when you're in an unsure situation. Try to fight those feelings of wanting to give up and find the power to keep going.

8. Believe in yourself

As cheesy as it sounds, believe in yourself! Look how far you've made it and all you've achieved so far, it'd be such a shame to throw that all away due to some negative feelings. You have the strength to keep working hard and achieving your goals and you will reach that end result.

It's normal to feel like quitting when things get tough, it's a natural response mechanism. Keep going and fulfil what you started and just remember that it won't be like this forever. Once you reach your end goal you'll thank yourself so much for sticking with it. 

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8 ways to stay motivated when you want to quit , want to quit, feel like quitting, how to not quit, want to quit my job, want to quit school, want to quit university, motivation, how to find motivation

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  1. This was SUCH a brilliant post and you gave such good advice. I'm at a point in my life where I've started something new that I've always wanted to do, but it's a huge change for me so it's very nerve-wracking and lately I've had those urges to quit and just go back to what I did before, but this inspired me to push through :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Changes are such a good thing but I totally agree it can be so nerve-wracking! Keep at it and I'm sure you'll grow to love it :) x

  2. Love this so much!! Thank you for the positivity :)

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