Why You Need to STOP Being Afraid of Being A Feminist

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I used to be afraid of the term 'feminism.' I'd hear the word 'feminist' and think of some crazy man-hating army, coming to attack men for everything. Oh how wrong I was. Feminism isn't something to be scared of and being a feminist sure as hell isn't a bad thing. If anything, every man and woman on this planet should be a feminist.

For a while I even told people I wasn't a feminist, out of fear of being seen as this male bashing person who hates all men and is out to get them. However, when I learnt the true meaning of feminism, I realised there is a huge misconception of what being a feminist really is. It's nothing to be scared of, it's nothing the be ashamed about, it's not about a witch hunt against men, it's purely about working for equality of all genders.

Once I learned the correct meaning of what being a feminist was, I realised that I've been a feminist this whole time, and you should be one too.

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What Is A Feminist?

A feminist is someone who supports the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of equality of the sexes. It's a simple as that. Essentially, feminism is the same as equal rights.

Feminism isn't:
  • Hating men
  • Wanting women to be superior to men
  • Siding with women
  • Being sexist against men
  • Something only women can be a part of
  • Something people should hate or be afraid of

The main misconception of feminism is that people think feminists hate men. Let me repeat that: Feminism is not about hating men.

Many people use the word 'feminist' as an insult or name-calling, when they don't even realise what it means. I've had many occasions where I'm standing up for women in an argument and the other person has responded with, 'Oh here comes the feminist,' or 'Ok calm down, feminist.' They don't even realise that they're calling me a woman who supports equality for men and women, they think they're insulting me and calling me a man-hater.

It's about time we educate ourselves and others about what feminism really means because I'm sick of the majority of people thinking that being a feminist is a bad thing. You don't have to be rallying in marches everyday to be a feminist, you can be a feminist purely by teaching your friends and family about what it really means.

Feminism Isn't Only For Women

Being sexist means that you don't support equality for women and men. If you're afraid to call yourself a feminist that means you're afraid to support equal rights between men and women. A lot of people don't realise that men need to be feminists just as much as women do, it's a two sided fight. You can stand up for equal rights whether you're a man or a woman and people need to realise that feminism is for everyone.

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Feminism isn't a bad word and people shouldn't shy away from it in society. Feminism is something to be proud of. It means you're standing up against inequality in the world and having a voice. There are huge inequalities between men and women currently, such as the gender pay gap meaning that men still get paid more than women is the majority of countries and working industries in the world. If you want to stand up against that then be a feminist and make your voice heard.

Feminist Pride

The word 'feminist' might sound too radical and progressive to some, but there's nothing aggressive and bold about simply wanting equality and fairness between genders. Although we have gotten a lot closer in having a more proudly feminist society, there is still a lot of work to be done in achieving equality for women. Heck, this time last year I never thought I'd be sat here writing an article on why I'm a proud feminist. 

It was when I really realised the true meaning of the word that I noticed how important it is that we all stand together and stop being afraid of feminism. Feminism isn't something to be feared, it's something to be proud of. Let's empower each other and work towards a future of equality.

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How I Get 2 Million Monthly Pinterest Views: How To Get Traffic From Pinterest

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I currently get 2.7 million monthly views from Pinterest. Yep, that number is as crazy to me as it is to you. I can't believe the effect Pinterest has had on my blogging journey and it's safe to say Pinterest provides 99% of my blog traffic.

I've learnt a lot about Pinterest since I started blogging including what works, what doesn't work, the best pinterest strategies and how to get traffic to your blog from pinterest and what pins do best.

There's no big secret to becoming successful on Pinterest but there are some strategies that you need to follow if you want to get lots of traffic from Pinterest. I have just over 1,000 followers on pinterest yet I still get millions of views. This goes to show that even if you're a new blogger you can still get a lot of traffic from pinterest to your blog and website and increase your views from the start of your blogging career.

Pinterest is the main source of traffic for many bloggers and it's a big source of income for bloggers from all niches. Pinterest is a search engine which means SEO and pin descriptions are very important for getting your pins seen.

So whether you want to increase and improve your Pinterest traffic, get more traffic to your blog or website, make more sales through affiliate marketing on Pinterest or find out how Pinterest works, I'm going to show you all the things I do to get almost 3 million Pinterest views per month.

1. Pinterest Millionaire 

In my online course Pinterest Millionaire I break down my exact pinning strategy and techniques that I use to get over 2,000,000+ page views per month. I made this course to help bloggers from every niche master Pinterest and start getting huge traffic from it. It's very affordable so all bloggers can access it and be able to use it. I've got tips and secrets on how to go viral on Pinterest and if you're a blogger I highly recommend you check out this course!

Modules on the Pinterest Millionaire course include:
  • Setting up a business account
  • How to use rich pins
  • Designing your profile
  • How to get a viral pin on Pinterest
  • SEO tips
  • My group board strategy
  • Popular pinning secrets
  • Making money from Pinterest
2. Tailwind

You've probably heard a lot of bloggers talk about Tailwind, and the reason is because it works. I did a lot of research on how to get blog traffic and after hearing so many reviews of Tailwind, I decided to try it myself. I signed up for the Tailwind Plus Plan which is $15 per month or $119 paid annually. (I chose the one time payment of $119 because it works out a lot cheaper than the monthly one.) You can get a free month of Tailwind by clicking here worth $15 to try it out for yourself.

Here is my traffic before I used the Tailwind Plus Plan:

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And here is my Pinterest traffic this month after using the Tailwind Plus Plan:
how to get more pinterest traffic with tailwind, how to use tailwind, tailwind, pinterest tailwind

How To Use Tailwind

To use Tailwind, after you've signed up for your plan, you can install the Tailwind browser button on your desktop so when you're browsing your Pinterest pins, you just click the Tailwind icon and choose what boards you want to schedule your pin to. Tailwind will then choose the best time slots to get more traffic, and pin your pin to the selected boards, basically doing all the work for you.

how to get more pinterest traffic with tailwind, how to use tailwind, tailwind, pinterest tailwind, tailwind scheduling

I use Tailwind a lot and schedule pins for the whole week within 10 minutes. I also use it daily when I upload a new pin by scheduling my pins to boards related to my niche. It's quite unbelievable just how amazing Tailwind has worked for me. I break down my exact Tailwind strategy in the Pinterest Millionaire course.

3.  Multiple Eye Catching Pins

You could be pinning hundreds of pins a day but none of that will matter unless your pin is very eye catching. An eye catching pin will get you repins, visitors to your site and Pinterest followers, so it's extremely important to make sure your pins stand out against the millions of other pinners.

The two best websites to create Pinterest pins are PicMonkey and Canva. Make sure to use bright, vivid colours and try out multiple fonts in the pin to make it more eye catching. You'll be more likely to get a viral pin from using bold colours and fonts and a catchy headline.

Make sure your pin is sized at least 735x1102 and you can increase the height up to 1500x. You should make multiple pins for each blog post to increase your repin rate and get more visitors and traffic to your blog. Aim for at least 3-4 pins per post, all in different styles.

4. Pin Descriptions

Your pin description is just as important as the actual pin itself. The description you write is what's going to make your pin show up in Pinterest search results so it's very important to include keywords that are relevant to your niche and what you're pinning about. Example of one of my pin descriptions:

how to write pin descriptions, pinterest descriptions, pinterest seo, SEO for pinterest, SEO keywords pinterest, pinterest keywords

It's not enough to include one or two keywords and hope for the best, do some research on what the most searched phrases and keywords are so your pin has more of a chance of getting seen and going viral. SEO is vital in getting views from Pinterest. I go into detail about how I write my pin descriptions in my course Pinterest Millionaire, and that's how I get a lot of my millions of views.

5. Use SEO from the start!

SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation, is the main way you're going to get found on Pinterest. To properly use SEO you should include popular keywords everywhere on your Pinterest profile. Your Pinterest name and description should include keywords that are relevant to your niche, your board descriptions should have relevant keywords and phrases that will attract people to follow them. Your pins, as mentioned above, should include detailed descriptions filled with the most important and searched keywords.

SEO is vital in getting views from Pinterest and traffic to your site so make sure you're optimising SEO on Pinterest from when you start your blog. A lot of people don't know how to use SEO properly to get found on Pinterest and how to get followers and repins, but once you master the use of keywords, you'll see a huge increase in traffic.

6. Organise Your Pinterest Profile

The more appealing and eye catching your Pinterest profile looks, the more likely people will be to follow you. It's good to have several boards related to your niche in your profile, for example, if you're a home decor blogger, your Pinterest profile should have boards such as; living room style, kitchen decor, bedroom designs, office interiors etc.

You want to provide as many helpful pins and boards for people looking for your niche as possible. People want to follow pinners who provide lots of helpful information, so the more relevant boards you have, the better. Here's how I've organised some of my boards on Pinterest:
pinterest boards to get traffic, how to organise pinterest, pinterest SEO, pinterest group boards, how to get traffic from pinterest

Design pinterest board covers to make your profile look more appealing and this will help people to recognise your brand and stand out from the crowd. You can use PicMonkey or Canva to easily create square board covers.

7. Group Board Strategy 

Group boards enable you to put your content in front of thousands of people, greatly enhancing the likelihood of getting visitors and traffic to your blog or website. It's important to join the right group boards that are relevant to your niche and pin from group boards to your own boards also. Pinterest likes active pinners so pin regularly from the boards you're a member of.

Even if you don't have many Pinterest followers, you can still get a lot of views by correctly using group boards. If you get accepted to a group board with 10,000 followers, your pins are automatically getting seen by 10,000 more people, so it doesn't matter if you don't have a lot of followers.

Rinse And Repeat

These are some of the main strategies I use to get millions of monthly views from Pinterest and increase my Pinterest traffic. I break down my complete strategy in my eCourse Pinterest Millionaire, and I go into a lot more detail on my exact methods of going viral on Pinterest. Click here to enrol in Pinterest Millionaire and become a Pinterest pro today.

Pinterest millionaire course for getting traffic from pinterest, how to get pinterest traffic, pinterest course, pinterest ecourse, pinterest traffic, pinterest strategies

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This post contains affiliate links which means I make a small commission from sales, but this is at no cost to you :)


How To Get Anything You Want In Life: 6 Simple Rules

how to get anything you want in life, how to get what you want in life, how to get anything you want, the law of attraction, the secret

When you learn that you have the power to achieve anything you want in life, you open up a whole world of possibilities. You can get anything you want in life when you realise that you have the power to do so, all you need is to learn the simple but crucial steps to getting the life you want.

You might be asking yourself, how do I get what I want in life? The one thing that taught me everything about getting what I want in life is The Secret. I read this book and it completely changed the way I think and the decisions I make. I'll explain the main concepts I learnt from The Secret and how you can use them in your life too to get anything you want.

To get what you want in life, you need to attract the things you want and constantly remind yourself of what your goals are. Picture your ideal life in your mind every day and focus your energy solely on that. The more you convince yourself that you will get what you want, the more likely it is that you will actually achieve it.

It may seem like some crazy spiritual idea, but after reading The Secret I started to practice the following tips and I began to get the things I've always wanted in life, purely from changing the way I use my own thoughts and my mind.

You can achieve anything with a powerful mind. The mind is one of the most powerful things, yet many people don't use it to its full advantage. There is no limit to what you can achieve in life and by using your mind you will get anything and everything that you want, no matter how big.

Many people aspire to achieve things in life such as:

Financial freedom
A dream career
Fulfilment in life
Being able to travel
Fitness and health

These are only some of the things that people want in life. Some are smaller, more manageable goals and some may seem like vast, far off ideas. The secret is, everything on that list is achievable by every single person in this world. Some people will focus on one specific goal and some will want to achieve several. There's no limit to what you can get in life and you have the ability to get every single one of those things.

The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is how we attract things into our lives. You are doing it every day without noticing and once you understand how to use the law of attraction, you'll be able to attract anything you want into your life through the thoughts you put into the universe.

Everything currently in your life is down to the decisions you've made so far. Only you can change the way your life is and you are the only person fully in control of your circumstances. Something I regularly tell myself is, 'If I'm unhappy, I'm the only one who can change it.' Your life is in your hands and you truly have the power to change it to anything you want it to be. It may not happen overnight or in a week, but with persistence, the right mindset and practicing the law of attraction every day, you will without a doubt, reach your goals.

I highly recommend you to read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne as it explains the law of attraction in great detail. Some of the main concepts of the law of attraction are:
  • Like attracts like, so when you think a thought, you are also attracting similar thoughts to you.
  • Your current thoughts are creating your future life. What you think about the most or focus on the most will appear as your life.
  • Your thoughts become things.
  • You're like a human transmission tower, transmitting a frequency with your thoughts. If you want to change anything in your life, change the frequency by changing your thoughts.
  • The way to get anything you want is to summon it through persistent thoughts.

The Secret explains how you can be, have, or do anything you want and how to use the power of the Secret in your everyday life.

How To Achieve Anything You Want

These are the 6 simple rules on getting anything you want in life and how to achieve everything you want.

1. Manifesting What You Want

To manifest something is to bring things into existence and for those things to show up in your life. This reiterates the idea that our thinking creates our reality. The more you think about a thing, the more that thing will show up in your life. If you constantly have negative thoughts, those thoughts will manifest themselves into your life and make you feel negative. Instead, you need to focus on the positive aspects of your life and focus only on the positives of what you're trying to achieve.

Don't focus on what you don't have, focus on what you're going to have when you reach your goal. Focus on what your life will be like whenever you get what you're aiming for.

If you tell yourself, 'I want to go after my dream, but I don't want to run out of money,' then you will run out of money. If you tell yourself, 'I don't want to be unhappy,' then you will be unhappy. Whether you say you want it or not, it will happen to you, because you're thinking about it.

That's why you need to stop yourself from saying the 'I don'ts' or 'I can't' or 'No, because.' These negative thoughts will manifest into your life because you're thinking them, so stop thinking about them completely.

If you wan't to manifest something into your life, keep it in your thoughts at all times and tell yourself, 'I will get this goal' and 'This is what my life will be like when I reach my goal.'

Start with small things to manifest in your life and work your way up to get whatever you want by keeping it in your thoughts and telling yourself 'I will.' Ask the universe for it and it will grant it to you.

'It is as easy to manifest one dollar as it is to manifest one million dollars,' - The Secret

2. Be Clear On Your Goal

To get what you want in life, you need to know exactly what it is that you want. If you're not sure on what you want, then it will never happen because you don't know exactly what you're asking for. Write down on a piece of paper exactly what you want in life and visualise it. Know every aspect of what you want and see the end goal in your mind.

If you're not sure on what your goal is, ask yourself what makes you the most happy in life and focus on that. Once you focus on what makes you happy, you'll attract a lot of other things into your life that make you happy. 'Expect the things that you want, and don't expect the things that you don't want.' - The Secret.

3. Remind Yourself Constantly

You've probably realised by now that the only person who can create your perfect life, is you. As spiritual mumbo-jumbo as it sounds, your thoughts are the one thing holding you back from getting anything you want. Keep reminding yourself everyday of what you're working towards and what actions you're taking to reach your goal. Tell yourself things like 'I'm going to be...' 'In a few months I'll have achieved...' 'I'm going to wake up and do...' Visualise your life when you get what you want and keep it in your mind at all times.

4. Convince Yourself Of Success

A great way to create your dream life is to convince yourself that you will get everything you want and more. You need to believe in yourself and the laws of attraction that you will get what you want no matter what. The Secret teaches that believing involves 'acting, speaking and thinking as though you have already received what you want, the law of attraction moves people, events, and circumstances for you to receive whatever it is you want.'

5. Visualize The End Goal

One of the most important things I learned from reading The Secret is that 'Visualisation is the process of creating pictures in your mind of yourself enjoying what you want. When you visualise, you generate powerful thoughts and feelings of having it now. The law of attraction then returns that reality to you, just as you saw it in your mind.'

Paint a picture in your head of your ideal life. If you visualise the life you want constantly, you'll be more determined to succeed in achieving that life when it becomes clear in your mind. Imagine it, see yourself living it, visualise how your life will change.

6. Trust In The Process

Many people give up on getting what they want because they don't believe that they'll actually get it or they think it's too risky or it's never going to happen. You need to trust in your own thoughts and actions that you will make this happen and there's not one thing that's going to stop you. The more positive thoughts you put out into the universe, the more you'll see your goals manifesting into reality.

It's all about changing your mindset and convincing yourself that you'll achieve anything you want and you attract the energy that you put out. The law of attraction is a universal law that works with or without you knowing it so it's worthwhile to start using the law of attraction today to start getting the things you want in life instantly.

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15 Tips On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

how to make a long distance relationship work, long distance relationships, long distance relationship tips. how to maintain a long distance relationship, long distance relationship problems, long term relationship questions

If you're starting a long distance relationship or you're currently in one and you're struggling to make it work, here are the best tips you can do with your partner to make a long distance relationship work.

It's normal to have questions and concerns in a long distance relationship such as; what if I lose communication in my relationship? What if they meet someone else? What if we fall out of love? What if the relationship doesn't work?

There are so many ways to maintain a long distance relationship and things you can do with your partner to keep the connection between you and keep the spark alive. Long term relationships are very common and it's definitely possible to make them work in the long run.

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How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship With Your Partner

1. Regular Communication

It's important to have regular communication with your partner and keep up on contact by talking with each other throughout the day. Texting each other and waking them with a 'good morning' and calling them to talk about your day and wish them a good night will keep the communication going strong.

2. Make Plans For When You Next See Each Other

Instead of focusing on how long it will be until you see your boyfriend or girlfriend, plan what you're going to do when you next meet up or when they come to visit. This will take your mind off the fact that you're far apart and instead get you excited to see each other by making fun plans.

3. Send Each Other Photos

Texting and calling each other is a great way to communicate but sending photos of yourself and what you're up to will strengthen your bond and make the distance seem less great. Seeing your partners face can really brighten up your day and photos are a good way to make memories with each other while apart.

4. Don't Lose Trust

It can be easy to let your mind wander and start to worry about whether they might meet someone else or they might cheat on you if they're out with their friends. Always trust your partner and make sure they trust you and if you love each other your should have no worries about them being unfaithful. Trust is very important in long distance relationships.

5. Voice Your Concerns

If you're having any worries or doubts, it's completely fine for you to talk about them with your partner. It's better to have your concerns out in the open instead of bottling them up. If you're worried about them meeting someone else or losing interest in you, talk to your partner about it and I'm sure they'll be thankful that you're honest about how you're feeling and they'll put your mind at ease.

6. Stay Interested In Each Others Lives

Ask questions about what your partner is doing such as how their work is going, what interesting things they've done recently, have they taken up any new hobbies? Showing an interest in your others half's life is important to show them that you still care and want to know more about them. Likewise they should do the same for you, because a one sided relationship can be very difficult, especially if it's long distance.

7. Don't Get Paranoid

Don't let your thoughts run away with themselves and don't start to get paranoid about what your partner is doing every second of the day. If you let yourself panic about your boyfriend or girlfriend's social activities or feelings towards you, the paranoia will only make you upset and anxious about the relationship. Just know that they're committed to you in this relationship and they're thinking about you a lot also.

8. Support Their Choices

It's important to support your partner in their life choices even if there is a big distance between you. Whether it's a career choice or anything else, your partner will value your advice and really appreciate your support in the decision.

9. Make Little Heartfelt Gestures

It's nice to remind your partner how much you love them by sending them little gestures like letters in the mail, or small presents now and again to surprise them. It will keep the relationship fun and they'll really appreciate you going out of your way to make them feel special. Having things that remind you of them, and them of you, will keep a strong connection between you both.

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10. Stay Positive

It can be hard to stay positive when all you want to do is be with your loved when they're miles away, that's why it's important to keep a positive mindset and look forward to the time you'll spend with your partner in the future. Remind yourself of good memories you've made and focus on the great parts of your relationship.

11. Give Each Other Space

It's tempting to feel like you need to contact your partner all the time to make up for not seeing them, but it can put strain on the relationship if you're always in contact with them. Give them space to live their life and don't over do it on the texts and calls.

12. Stay Busy With Your Own Friends And Hobbies

Keep yourself busy by hanging out with your friends and participating in hobbies to keep your mind off the fact that your partner isn't with you. Long distance relationships can be tough but your friends can cheer you up and having fun in your own time will make it easier to deal with the situation and make you feel less lonely.

13. Visit Your Partner Often

Make sure you frequently visit your partner whenever you can. Take every opportunity you can to see your significant other because real life interaction with your partner will benefit you both so much. Whether you're just doing boring, mundane things together, it'll be so worth the distance travelled to see them in person.

14. Know That It Won't Be Long Distance Forever

Remind yourself that you're going to have a future together and you won't be this far apart forever. It may seem like ages until you'll finally be together but plan ahead for the future where you don't have to be miles apart and your long distance relationship will just be a normal one. Keep the end goal in sight of the two of you being together.

15. Establish Rules In The Relationship

You can make rules such as: you won't go longer than 2 months without seeing each other, or something along those lines so you'll always know where the relationship is heading and where you stand with each other. It's also important to discuss the type of relationship boundaries you have; are you exclusive? Are you dating? Are you seeing anyone else? Establish what exactly the rules of the relationship are so everyone can be happy.

There are many ways to keep a long distance relationship alive and keep the love strong between you and your other half. Trust each other and enjoy your time together and the relationship will work out.

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